Corporate Communications, Reputation, Marketing & Enterprise 2.0 independent consultant with over 20 years of experience. Fluent in Spanish, English and Catalan, with studies of French and German languages. Based in Barcelona, Spain.

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Name – About myself
First name: Carlos
Last name: Suárez
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First name: Carlos
Last name: Suárez Martell
Hobbies / Interests
internet, music, cinema, food, wine, travel
Communications and Public Relations consultant with 17 years of experience working with multinational consultancies. Current clients include private and public companies in industries ranging from insurance and healthcare, to IT, telecom, automotive, social media, travel, renewable energy and government agencies. Fluent in English, Spanish and Catalan. Basic command of French and German.


Enterprise 2.0, media relations, brand building, brand awareness, B2B and B2C marketing communications, crisis and issues management, restructuring, divestitures, mergers & acquisitions (M&A), internal and financial communications, online communications and social media, media training, crisis communications and issues management
Empresa 2.0, comunicación online, reputación online, social media, comunicaciones de marketing B2B y B2C, reputación corporativa, comunicación de crisis, restructuraciones, ERE, desinversiones, fusiones y adquisiciones (M&A), comunicación interna, comunicación financiera, formación de portavoces, coordinación internacional, gestión de proyectos tecnológicos, Empresa 2.0., relaciones públicas, inbound marketing, content marketing, marketing de contenidos, Barcelona